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Individual Therapy

Many people find themselves engaging in patterns that feel out of control or behaviors that obstruct their ability to feel joy or peace in their life or within their relationships. You may feel you are struggling to function after a loss or trauma. Anxiety and critical internal narratives can be holding you back from achieving your goals. There can be numerous reasons to seek out psychotherapy.  On my specialites page you can look through specific issues I work with in my practice.

With compassionate curiosity, we explore inner worlds and the worlds of others in your life in an inviting warm space. Allowing treatment to appreciate the uniqueness of each patient's internal world and language, the groundwork will remain the same to start with building safety and trust within the relationship. The relationship can be an agent of change, in essence wherever you need to go in your work I will go. 

Individual therapy works because people have the ability to change. Sometimes emotional or behavioral changes happen little by little, and other times a single therapeutic breakthrough will set off a huge chain reaction. In individual therapy, I believe the connection between the brain, heart, and body is a beautiful and complex system that heals and needs our attention. I hope to provide you with tools and support for you to feel wholly understood and connected.