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My Philosophy

I became a therapist due to a natural curiosity about the world around me, a knowledge that people are fighting their own battles (sometimes silently), and a passion for creating better access mental health and treatment. If I can learn a lesson from a client, I can pass that on to yet another. It’s beautiful the way the therapeutic process works.

I believe in working to understand where one has come from and how that connects to where they want to go.  Wherever you are on the road to change and understanding,  I am here to help you feel a deeper sense of authenticity, clarity, connection and freedom.

Therapy provides a space to process and acknowledge that one’s lived experience is never a fixed journey. This journey can be stressful, traumatic, and also joyful.   

I believe therapy is spontaneous in practice. It involves  a continuous sequence of experiencing and examining dynamic processes. I do not subscribe to a uniformed formula or a pre-packaged way of delivering therapy; as therapy is in essence a witnessing of human growth and relationship that exists in real time and space.